Saturday, March 29, 2008

smart Truth

After telling people that I will soon be getting a smart of my own they often look at my lanky 6'5" frame and say..."How do you plan on fitting in it?!" I have sat in them while in Toronto and much like the VW Beetle they are suprisingly spacious.

I think KATHLEEN O'BRIEN from the Seattle Times put it best when she said, "Its design is deceptive: It looks like passengers should be horribly cramped, yet they aren't. It's like Narnia's wardrobe, a seemingly small space that widens upon entry". Its true, the driver and passenger seat space is much like other cars..the difference is there is no back seat..the car ends right behind the driver.


mrs. blogoway said...

Good for you! We were at a party last night and this gross couple arrived in their gigantic white hummer and blocked the whole driveway. It was so rude. I wish everyone drove smartcars.

Aaron said...

Mrs. Blogoway - I wish they would too! I think more people would smile if there were smart cars buzzing all around! :)