Saturday, February 14, 2009

smart on the Run

On my way home from work yesterday I got really excited to see another smart about town. Funnier yet was how excited the couple that belonged to this red cabrio smart got when they saw mine.

I did a drive by picture snap and as soon as I was rolling passed I noticed in the rearview this smart quickly pulling out.

We both pulled up to the light, rolled down our windows and exchanged comments about how much we love our smarts...but they one upped me..THEY HAVE TWO smarts! Color me jealous.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Its funny that people ask me "Aren't you scared driving this 'thing'" when referring to my smart, and when I tell them "no" - instantly they look disinterested.

Its that whole thing of not being able to look away at a train wreck:

= Boring and I don't want to hear about crash test ratings

Dangerous = Exciting! Tell me more about how you fear being the next hood ornament for a tractor trailer.