Friday, January 11, 2008

Smart Bashing

This article about Smart Cars ran in Nov 07 from CNN starts out interesting enough, but then goes into questioning the safety of the vehicle. The thing that kills me is that the argument is that there are other large cars on the road so we should be cautious to purchase smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. If this train of thought continues we'll never change the emissions...everyone will always be scared to take the step towards a change. I think there should be more support for vehicles like this and more disdain for the larger gas guzzlers. (ok, now I will get off my green horse)


Meagan said...

That would be because the oil industry benefits more if the general mood of the American people still favors gas powered engines. But I'm hoping that mood will change soon with the way gas prices are going up and up with no signs of ever coming down again.

Aaron said...

Meagan - Agreed. I hope that the desire for something cool and unique begins to weigh more heavily on people than what is the norm. Thanks!